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Black Swan

November 9, 2011

Halloween 2011-

I decided to create my entire costume this year… mainly because I could not find a decent tutu anywhere and let’s just face it, it’s more fun.  I went out and bought a black feather boa, ripped it apart and glued the feathers to a strapless bodice I had.. then I bought a few yards of black tulle and netting, cut them into strips and tied them around elastic repeatedly to create the tutu.  I found a cheap tiara and spray painted it silver and black, dug out my sisters old ballet pointe shoes, and had a blast recreating the eye makeup worn by the talented Natalie Portman.  I had such a great time celebrating Halloween with my StyleWeek family.  Some costumes consisted of… Kurt Cobain, a sensual Hershey Kiss, Tran Am (spin off of Pan Am), a Roy Lichtenstein girl, the White Queen, a “fashion don’t”, and a Parisienne to name a few.

Photos via JSjostedt, Aman Stovall

x. J.Sjöstedt

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